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MMA/Muay Thai & Boxing


Island Fight Night #02 Event Highlight
Amateur fight night featuring Amateur Muay Thai, Charity Boxing and a 15,000 baht Grappling Tournament in the MMA Cage.

00:08 Amateur Muay Thai Fight – Jesse Robbins Vs Jon Ramirez
07:15 Amateur Muay Thai Fight – Aaron Hodge Vs Kru Saeng
09:27 Sparring Exhibition feat. Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
11:33 Muay Thai Pad Demonstration from Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
14:03 Charity Boxing – Anthony Leone (Bellator) Vs Rodrigo Praxedes (Bjj Black Belt & One FC fighter)

26:18 Leonard Vs Lewis Grappling Tournament Match 1
29:26 Bobby Vs Mr.Korea Grappling Tournament Match 2
31:48 JJ Ambrose Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament Match 3
33:30 Brian Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament Match 4
36:09 JJ Ambrose Vs Louis
37:40 JJ Ambrose Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament FINAL MATCH