Island Fight Night #02 Event Highlight
Amateur fight night featuring Amateur Muay Thai, Charity Boxing and a 15,000 baht Grappling Tournament in the MMA Cage.

00:08 Amateur Muay Thai Fight – Jesse Robbins Vs Jon Ramirez
07:15 Amateur Muay Thai Fight – Aaron Hodge Vs Kru Saeng
09:27 Sparring Exhibition feat. Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
11:33 Muay Thai Pad Demonstration from Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
14:03 Charity Boxing – Anthony Leone (Bellator) Vs Rodrigo Praxedes (Bjj Black Belt & One FC fighter)

26:18 Leonard Vs Lewis Grappling Tournament Match 1
29:26 Bobby Vs Mr.Korea Grappling Tournament Match 2
31:48 JJ Ambrose Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament Match 3
33:30 Brian Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament Match 4
36:09 JJ Ambrose Vs Louis
37:40 JJ Ambrose Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament FINAL MATCH

Island Fight Night #01 Results & small selection of photos

The inaugural Island Fight Night at Phuket Top Team went down well.
The following is a short re-cap of results and some quick snaps of the night.

More photos and videos of fights and events will be released once edited.

Thank-you to Ink Asia for there support (offering up a 6,000 baht tattoo voucher for Fight Of The Night)

Great night, with the next one only 4 weeks away!

Fight 1:

* Boxing 3×3 min rounds *

Craig Peddie Vs Jesse Robbins  @ 62kg

Winner after 3 round via Unanimous Decision – Jesse Robbins

Intermission – Kicking Competition

10 contestants, 1 min each – see who kicks the pad’s the most amount of times in 1 min.

* Winner – Kru Lucky (tie) with Brad Terrey for 180 kicks

Fight 2:

* Amateur Muay Thai 5×3 min rounds * 

Carl (UK) Vs Oscar  @85kg

Winner – Oscar 2nd round DQ after fighter was unable to continue from a groin shot

Intermission – Charity Boxing

Kru Saeng (retired 7 years with 250+ thai fights & trainer to thai champions) VS Professor. Olavo Abreu (3rd degree bjj black belt under carlson gracie – world champion jiu jitsu)

DRAW after going at it with the HUGE 50oz gloves

Fight 3:

* Amateur Muay Thai 3x3min rounds * 

Atilla Vs Robert   @75kg

Winner after 3 rounds via a Unanimous Decision – Atilla

Fight 4:

* ADCC Rules submission grappling *

Brad Terrey Vs Gareth (Dublin)  @80kg

Winner via guillotine choke after 1:55 of action – Gareth

Fight 5

* ADCC Rules submission grappling *

Jese Robbins Vs Rani   @62kg

Winner via Arm Bar after 2:40 of action – Rani

Fight 6

* Amateur rules MMA 3×3 min rounds *

* No Elbows, No Knees to the head, Ground striking Only to the body

– shooto MMA gloves, no shin guards.

Aden Baron Vs Jon Ramirez  @62kg

Winner via first round submission – Guillotine choke – Aden Baron

Fight 7

* ADCC Rules submission grappling *

Andrew Leone (ONE FC, ROAD FC, SHOOTO MMA fighter and Purple belt) Vs

Anthony Leone (WEC & Strikeforce vet. Bellator fighter and Purple belt)

Catch weight

Winner after 5:05 of action, Anthony Leone Via Knee Bar

Photos / Videos and much more coming once its been edited !

(Stay Tuned)

For now we have a SMALL selection of photo’s – Expect all vids and photos up over the next 48 hours