Island Fight Night March 2015

Mid March (Date TBA) we will see Island Fight Night return into action.

Island Fight Night Is Currently seeking Pro Western Boxers or fighters looking to make Pro Boxing Debuts (western Boxing, not muay thai)

Along with the Professional Boxing, we are seeking MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters to compete also.



Island Fight Night #02 Event Highlight
Amateur fight night featuring Amateur Muay Thai, Charity Boxing and a 15,000 baht Grappling Tournament in the MMA Cage.

00:08 Amateur Muay Thai Fight – Jesse Robbins Vs Jon Ramirez
07:15 Amateur Muay Thai Fight – Aaron Hodge Vs Kru Saeng
09:27 Sparring Exhibition feat. Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
11:33 Muay Thai Pad Demonstration from Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
14:03 Charity Boxing – Anthony Leone (Bellator) Vs Rodrigo Praxedes (Bjj Black Belt & One FC fighter)

26:18 Leonard Vs Lewis Grappling Tournament Match 1
29:26 Bobby Vs Mr.Korea Grappling Tournament Match 2
31:48 JJ Ambrose Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament Match 3
33:30 Brian Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament Match 4
36:09 JJ Ambrose Vs Louis
37:40 JJ Ambrose Vs Fransesco Grappling Tournament FINAL MATCH