About IFN (Island Fight Night)

Island Fight Night ( IFN )

A Night of Amateur fights in Phuket Thailand.

Island Fight Night is currently held at Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp.

A huge and fun night of fights spreading across Shooto (Amateur MMA), Boxing, Muay Thai and some very exciting Hybrid TK-1 fights.


Events include an all you can eat BBQ and a stacked night of fights !

Muay Thai and Boxing is held in the Full Size Fairtex ring, while Shooto and TK-1 matches are held in the Huge 7×7 meter  MMA cage on site.

General admission is 200 Baht with alcohol available for sale during the show.

Island Fight Night

Is not a show to miss – so if you are not in Thailand at the time, please check out our Online Streaming option!

For students from any and all gym’s across Thailand, the Island Fight Night is a great opportunity to test your skills and compete in a safe yet challenging environment. 

Fights are all recorded any the athletes will be able to view them on youtube.

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